Certified Tyvek Installation

Garth Enterprises is the preferred Certified Tyvek installation contractor of residential homebuilders throughout the Delmarva area thanks to our attention to detail, responsive customer service, and dedication to quality. We are certified by Dupont Tyvek to ensure that we install your house wrap properly to provide for a long-lasting, high-quality home.

Our Tyvek Installation Process

We always begin with the Tyvek standard for new residential installation:

  1. Use 4” straight flash around all doors and windows and 2” clear Tyvek tape at top 45-degree angle cuts.
  2. Use 9” flex wrap for curved applications. Where doors and windows are installed, 9” flex wrap is applied at the sills.
  3. Tyvek tape all vertical and horizontal seams.
  4. Tyvek is button capped 18” in all directions.
  5. Tyvek flex wrap is installed before light and panel blocking is mounted. Wires will pass through the self-sealing membrane. The Tyvek flex wrap is tucked under the residential wrap at the top and secured with Tyvek tape.
  6. Tyvek specialist is on-site for the entire process.
  7. At the end of the project, our clients receive a Dupont Tyvek Field Inspection Report complete with authorization and endorsements that indicate the date of substantial completion. This document will ensure that the Tyvek installation qualifies for a 10-year product and labor warranty.

We Go Above the Minimum

Garth Enterprises goes beyond the minimum during the Tyvek installation process to ensure a phenomenal, long-lasting result. While we also complete the Tyvek installation, we also:

  • Install ice and water shield at all exterior corners, deck bands, railing-to-wall intersections, and fire separation walls.
  • Install custom bent door pans at every door sill.
  • Install custom bent band board flashing at all decks, prior to joint installation.
  • On top of all horizontal and diagonal trims, we install a custom bent “z” flashing tucked and taped below the Tyvek.
  • Install Tyvek on returns that will have a 2-piece trim application.
  • Install Dryflekt Kick-Out diverter flashings at all fascia-to-wall interactions to ensure that water does not shed behind the Tyvek.

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