They did extensive work at our complex in Rehoboth Beach a few years ago. They did replacement of siding, windows and sliding glass doors, complete rebuilding of decks, railings and stairs. It also included foundation work which involved lifting one corner of a building, adding a pile, pouring a concrete footing and reinforcing several piles.

This work had a cost of several hundred thousand dollars and it was performed under a standard AIA contract with the usual requisition schedules and retentions and optional extras. It was a fixed price contract which came on budget. Because of the uncertainty of the scope of some of the items that would be uncovered the contract included a schedule of unit prices for those items not yet known (extent of wood rot, depth of excavation, etc.) .

They were very easy to work with and issues that came up were addressed promptly.

Juan C.

In a word, their work was outstanding for me at Ocean Hamlet Condominium Association  in North Bethany where I was its President for 28 years. Garth Sr and his late son, Garth Jr., have a philosophy that any customer of theirs is a customer for life. They will do all that’s reasonably necessary to get it right whether the job is big or little- we had both over a number of years. They did our exterior renovation  on the 6 unit oceanfront condominium in Tower Shores with its half a million dollar price tag. They did the bulkhead pilings restoration. They did roof repairs from a hurricane . They did the exterior grouting  maintenance. Of all their many positives I can point out from work quality, within budget outcomes, to  time attentiveness, they have integrity which is indispensable in my book. Don’t hesitate to call me here in Naples, FL if you want to chat.

Tom Heeney, Esq.