Structural framing is where your dream and vision starts to become a reality. Framing is a crucial part of the construction process and represents the bone structure for an architecturally attractive and structurally sound building. Garth Enterprises emphasizes accuracy in all that we do, from residential framing and commercial framing to commercial siding and exterior trim. Our accuracy is especially important when completing commercial framing projects. Our attention to detail allows every other contractor who needs to work on your building an exceptional starting point.

Our experienced foreman and project managers are used to adjusting blueprints as needed and correcting construction plan discrepancies on the fly, so you can rely on us to meet deadlines and deliver even in complicated situations. Challenges along the way are simply opportunities for Garth Enterprises to do what we do best — adapt based on our decades of expertise and skill!

Hambro Floor Systems

Garth Enterprises often uses Hambro composite floor systems in our multi-family, mixed-use, and commercial framing projects. The Hambro floor systems combine composite joists with poured concrete to create an effective and long-lasting flooring base. We are skilled in installing Hambro floor systems in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and know how to create a cost-effective, functional solution to your floor system needs.

Did You Know? Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Framing Contractor

  • What other companies has your commercial framing contractor worked with?
  • What experience do the foreman at the contractor have? Can they successfully adapt to challenging job conditions and problems that pop up along the way?
  • Are they insured?
  • What reputation does the commercial framing contractor have in the community? Online?
  • What warranties and guarantees are included with their framing products?

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