Decay Remediation

Whenever Garth Enterprises works on stripping the siding and trim off of a condominium, residential building, or commercial building, we take care to inspect all plywood, studs, insulation, electrical, plumbing, and more. This is known as an investigatory review to determine if decay is present and if remediation is required. Unfortunately, we have uncovered terrible decay, including situations where windows were holding up three stories of structure. We also take photos to thoroughly document rot and structural problems for you or your HOA.

Exterior Rot Remediation

Rot is a very common problem in beachfront condominiums and homes, especially in older properties that have not been optimally maintained or properly protected with a drain wrap like TYVEK. Due to high levels of moisture and a lack of air circulation, rot can set in and destroy the structures that are supporting your building. Garth Enterprises can identify rot problems inside and outside of your structure and complete any necessary repairs to make the building safe again. Sagging doorframes and windowsills don’t appear overnight, so it’s critical that you monitor your commercial or residential property regularly for signs of a problem.

Hidden Structural Repair

Older homes and buildings often have hidden structural problems lurking behind the siding or walls. These hidden problems could cause catastrophic damage to your property or your family if they are not remedied in a timely fashion. Whenever we install new siding or take on a project, we make a dedicated effort to uncover any potential structural issues and remedy them.

Piling Deterioration/Repair

If you live on a waterfront home on pilings or have pier with pilings, it is vital that you take care of the very pilings that are holding up your home or pier! Over time, tidal action, river currents, salt water exposure, floating debris and weathering can deteriorate the piling and leave it in need of repair. Our piling repair techniques are designed to revitalize or replace structurally compromised pilings in the quickest, safest manner possible with the least amount of disturbance possible and leave you with an excellent result.

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