The right residential framing contractor makes the difference between a house that is structurally sound, safe for your family, and built to last and one that was built with only cost and speed in mind. Garth Enterprises has been providing quality residential framing to numerous prestigious builders throughout the country and residents looking for reliable and trustworthy framing services.

Your Framing Contractor Choice Matters

Just like a great home needs a solid foundation, a great home also needs the right bones to lay the rest of the structure on. That’s where your framing contractor comes in! At Garth Enterprises, we never cut corners or skip steps to save time or money. Instead, we use top-quality products and always measure twice and cut once, as the saying goes! Our reputation speaks for itself, and our body of work includes traditional single family homes and large, complicated beach front custom homes that require an unparalleled eye for detail. Your choice matters, and with Garth Enterprises, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right one.

Did You Know? Before Hiring a Framing Contractor

  • Research the contractor to find out about their reputation in your community. Are the first homes that they built still standing?
  • Ask about qualifications and experience. You don’t want to have your home be the first one that your contractor has built!
  • Do they have references to show you? Testimonials and photographs are a great way to get a peek at what working with a framing contractor will be like.
  • Are they insured? Don’t be afraid to ask about their insurance coverage before hiring them to frame your home.

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